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Chicken Bites

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Ready to feed your dog a breakfast in quick, easy-to-feed bites? Say hi to our Chicken Bites.


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Our Chicken Bites are made with a nutrient-dense blend of chicken, combined with bone for calcium and a collagen blend to support your dog’s joints and gut health all day. We add apple and oats for important fibre, and turmeric, known for its antioxidant benefits. Yum! Your dog’s ilume breakfasts are loaded with good fats that dogs easily convert into energy and a multivitamin & mineral blend to power their day.

* The price is calculated based on the price per meal on 28 days of supply and the portion a 2kg dog needs.
- Chicken Bites

With this selection, you'll receive either 14 or 28 days of breakfasts, depending on what you choose.

Serving sizes can vary depending on the weight of your dog, however you will always receive the perfect portion for 14 or 28 days.

Typical Breakfast Size:
- 10kg Dog: 52g (approx. 104g pre-cooked weight)
- 20kg Dog: 87g (approx. 174g pre-cooked weight)
- 30kg Dog: 118g (approx. 236g pre-cooked weight)

Our meals are designed to go together. When combined, our breakfast and dinner meals provide all the calories that dogs need each day.
Chicken (80%), vitamins & minerals, collagen, rice, water, citrus fibre, rolled oats, apple fibre, natural preservatives (vinegar, citric acid, rosemary extract), turmeric.

Nothing to hide like fillers (excessive amounts of grains, legumes or corn), no meat-meal or meat by-products, no artificial preservatives, additives, colours, flavours or flavour enhancers, no “natural meat flavouring” (real meat shouldn’t need it).
Typical analysis based on dry matter
Crude protein 40%
Crude fat 48%
Crude fibre 4%
Carbohydrate (NFE) 4%
Ash (Minerals) 4%

Calorie content (calculated)
Metabolisable Energy (ME) = 483 kcal/100g (As fed)

For a proper nutritional analysis, remember to combine this Breakfast meal with Dinner to get the full picture.

Our dog food is created specifically for the needs of adult dogs. That said, puppies reach adulthood at different times, depending on their final adult weight – so we assess each dog individually.

So how can you tell when your dog is ready to ilume? Toy/small dogs are adults at 9 months, medium dogs at 12 months, and large/giant dogs by 18-24 months.

If your dog is younger than this, hang tight. We’re working to serve your pup very soon!

Please leave your email here and we will get in touch once its live

Thanks for Joining!

AAFCO approved only when combined with an ilume dinner.
Our meals are designed to go together. When combined, our breakfast and dinner meals exceed nutritional requirements for adult dogs, as established by AAFCO.

Our fresh-made bites come ready to serve.
- Bags can be stored unopened in a cool, dry pantry below 25 C for up to 6 weeks
- Pop them straight in your fridge once open
- Keep refrigerated for up to 2 weeks
- Ready to serve every morning

Most dog food says “average serving suggestion”. We say every dog’s needs are unique.

So when you order our meals, your dog gets their own serving guide.

Curious? We’re happy to help on live chat or email at

Every dog is different, which is why every ilume™ transition is different.

We introduce our meals gradually, at your dog’s pace.

It’s not a race and there’s no “right speed”. Some dogs fly through in 4 days, some take 14+ days. We listen and take your dog’s lead on when to add more ilume.

Curious? We’re happy to help on live chat or email at

We want you and your dog to be totally happy on ilume. That’s why we let you try it without a worry for 28-days. If we can’t make you both totally happy, we’ll try our hardest to fix it. Refund your order. Resend it. Cook again. Whatever it takes, we’ll do.

If you do decide to cancel, we'll give you a full refund, no questions asked. We'll organise to get your tech back from you too.

Questions? We’re happy to help on live chat or email at

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I recommend this product

Not a hit but still great.

My dogs loved the beef, I purchased the chicken just so they my Bella and Winnie could try something new. My dogs just weren’t as crazy for the chicken for some reason. They ate it, but not as well as the beef.

United States United States
I recommend this product


Penelope has always had certain dietary restrictions and in doing research to find a more suitable food, I found ilume. I cannot express how impressed I am with the quality of this food. Penelope has been on this food for a little over a month now and the difference in her skin and coat is amazing. I'm so happy.

United States United States
I recommend this product

Worth the purchase

Bandit is my best friend, and I will do everything I can to keep him as long as I can. I've heard great things about this brand and decided I would have Bandit try this too. Bandit loves this food heaps and I don't think we'll ever go back!

United States United States

So happy

My Daisy is the pickiest eater. Finding a food she likes and one that is healthy for her too has been a challenge. I decided to give these a go and what a difference! She's excited to eat meals and has started gaining weight too! I can't wait to let her try even more recipes I know she'll love!

United States United States
I recommend this product


Moose is somewhat of a picky eater. I noticed he wasn't eating his dry dog food much anymore and his coat was also becoming dull. I decided to make a change and what a difference this formula has made for him. Not only does he love his food, but his coat is shiny, energy is up, and he's even lost some weight! So worth it!

United States United States


Human-quality meat, fresh seasonal vegetables and healthy collagen and fibre. Nothing artificial, and nothing you couldn’t eat yourself.
All ingredients are locally sourced and purposefully chosen to give your pup the healthiest life possible.

Yes, ilume meals are complete and balanced & AAFCO approved only when breakfast and dinner are combined.

Every meal is different, so we provide separate nutritional breakdowns for each one.
Please refer to the product page for further information.

For breakfast, your dog has a choice of beef or chicken.
For dinner, we have different varieties of beef, chicken or turkey.
And yes, you can absolutely mix them up.

ilume food is always cooked slow-and-low in our Melbourne kitchen. We use cooking techniques that preserve the natural nutrients present in the high quality ingredients we have sourced.

We do selectively use grains such as rice - and we also use a small amount of oats in one variety of our breakfast bites as they can be very healthy for your dog. If your dog has a gluten intolerance please contact us as we are happy to personalise a gluten free breakfast meal option for your dog. We appreciate that some overseas brands of dog food contain very high levels of grain as a cheaper source of protein and these meals contain very low levels of meat protein which dogs need to stay healthy. All ilume recipes are high in meat protein.

ilume meals are full of quality sources of meat protein and anti-inflammatory ingredients such as collagen which are beneficial to dogs of all ages. If your dog has a significant medical condition it is always recommended to reach out or ask your vet prior to changing food.

At the moment no, but stay tuned as we’re releasing a puppy range very soon!

No one knows your dog better than you, so we recommend speaking to your vet before embarking on any dietary changes.

Your ilume order will arrive chilled.
The medallions, meatloaf and broth can be stored in your freezer, but we suggest keeping enough in the fridge for dinner.
The breakfast bites, meatballs and slaw are air-dried and can be stored in your pantry until opened.

Yes you can, although we suggest that you consider the nutrient value of the treats and adjust your dogs main meals accordingly.

No ilume recipe contains meat meal or any type of offal.
Meat meal is an ingredient the abattoirs invented, which contains all the parts of an animal and cannot safely be sold to humans. Kneecaps, eyeballs, floor sweepings from varied sources are mixed together, minced and then cooked at an extreme temperature to sterilise. This process also compromises any nutrient benefit.
It has been used as the main animal-protein source by most pet food manufacturers since the 1970's but has inferior nutritional quality, digestibility, and bioavailability.
ilume believes in using the power of nutrition and the role that high quality animal proteins have in that and therefore we only use human-quality, fresh meat in all our food products.

We don't include offal or organs in any of our recipes, instead we use high quality cuts of meat protein, which provide dogs with a wide range of essential nutrients they need to thrive.
Our combined breakfast and dinner meals are complete, balanced & AAFCO approved.

Scales will help you ‘portion’ each of your dog’s meals during transition. This isn’t about being precise or perfect. It’s about making sure they get just what they need, no more, no less.

Breakfast is a nutritional powerhouse that’s designed to get your dog going, whereas Dinner is gentle, nutritious and filling for your dog’s most relaxed night.

You may notice lots of changes, such as their energy levels, the softness or glossiness of their coat or even a greater passion for their food. After 2 weeks your dogs should be passing well shaped & formed faecal stools.
If your dog is overweight, you'll likely see a drop in weight and a healthier body size.

Yes, one in five dogs will experience soft or sloppy faecal stools with a new diet so we recommend a gradual introduction to ilume meals so that your dog’s microbiome has time to adjust over a period of 7-14 days. We will send you a transition guide with your first order.

In your ilume order, you will receive a transition card to help you gradually introduce ilume meals into your dogs diet.

Some dogs race through transition within a few days, while others take a little longer, up to 2 weeks.
Each dog’s unique microbiome needs time to adjust to their new food, so you can go as fast or slow as your dog needs.

Some dogs are very sensitive to dietary change and may experience vomiting and food aversion while their digestive system and the bacteria in their microbiome adjust. Sometimes the textural change to a new type of food can cause a dog to vomit. If it is related to the diet change then this should pass within a day or so.
However, if it persists you may like to move your dog back to an earlier stage of transition or consult with a vet, as it may not be food related.

Yes, you can - although breakfast contains more calories to provide your dog energy when it is most active during the day, whilst dinner is lighter to give your dog a restful night’s sleep.

If your dog is having the optimal amount of calories per day, they should be feeling satisfied.
However, if they are showing signs of hunger, please reach out and we'll assist you in adjusting their meals.

If you live in metro areas within Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Canberra or Adelaide, we aim to deliver your order within 8 business days of purchase.
All other regional areas of VIC, NSW, QLD, ACT, SA and TAS (Devonport, Launceston and Hobart Metro only), we aim to deliver your order within 13 business days of purchase.

Transistion allows you to slowly introduce ilume meals into our dogs diet, so their digestive system and bacteria in their unique microbiome adjust.
We start with 25% ilume food, and increase at your dogs pace until they graduate to 100% ilume.

Because ilume only uses human-quality ingredients, you can keep the unopened bags in your pantry and the rest of the items in the fridge or freezer.
Each product will have slightly different requirements. Refer to the product page for more information.

ilume meals are ready to eat and easy to serve.
Nothing needs to be added, no water, no added protein, nothing.

We deliver within 7 days Australia wide except WA and NT. You can check if we deliver to your area at the checkout, or reach out to our Customer Care team who can assist.

ilume meals aren’t individually packaged, but they’re super easy to put together.
Each component comes in a separate pack, that you compile for your dog at meal time.

Head to to place your first and any subsequent orders. If you would like to make an order to re-occur you can do this also at the checkout section.

As ilume meals are made specifically for each dog, their orders need to be separately added to your cart.

Yes, as long as it is an area we deliver to.

Here you can place an explanation or answer to the question.

Yes, as long as they're in an area we deliver to.

You can reach us at or (03) 8400 4476 and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can.

ilume meals and prices are specific to your dog and their needs.
Head to to choose meals and see the price for your dog.

The ilume website is the only place you can buy ilume at present.

Yes we are.
Our ingredients are sourced locally, our kitchen and office are based in Melbourne, and we’re owned by a private Melbourne family.

ilume has a 28-day Total Happiness guarantee.
We are so sure your dog will love ilume we let you try it risk free.
Although, if you're not completely happy please reach out and we'll assist you.

You can enter your discount code or voucher number at the checkout.

Reach out and we'll help you update your details

Some packaging can be recycled or dropped into a REDcycle bin.
We are continually working on ways to improve our packaging so it is good for the environment as well as protecting the freshness and integrity of the meals.

We can advise the caloric intake for your dog, so you can fulfil their needs with supplemented meals.
Simply reach out and we can assist you.

Simply reach out and we'll help you calculate your dogs caloric intake and suggest suitable meals.

Essential amino acids are the amino acids that dogs cannot produce and can only be obtained through animal protein in their diet. Dogs require a total of 10 essential amino acids in their diet to carry out essential pysiological functions such as the production of taurine which is required for optimal cardiovascular health. At Ilume, we use high quality animal proteins that contain high levels of essential amino acids that are highly digestible and bioavailable.

Research has found that plant-based diets may be deficient in some critical nutrients such as essential amino acids and so are often nutritionally incomplete and imbalanced. For this reason some countries have passed laws making it illegal to feed dogs plant based meals exclusively.
Although plant-based ingredients can be used to meet quantitative nutritional levels in dogs, they are still qualitatively inferior to animal-proteins (e.g. meat). That's why ilume uses high quality animal proteins in our food.