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Choose your dog’s weight to view their personalised feeding guide.

Breakfast Bites

The ideal amount for your dog is :

__ grams or __ pieces

Dinner Meatloaf :

The ideal amount for your dog is :

__ grams or __cm slice of meatloaf


Introducing ilume for the first time

For the first week or two, you’ll be introducing our meals gradually, in combination with your old dog food. This is so your dog’s digestive system has time to adjust. We start at Stage 1 and help you ‘graduate’ at Stage 4. 

If there’s no change in your dog’s digestion once you’ve started our meals, then it’s okay to progress to the next stage. If you notice softer poos, wait until things go back to normal before progressing.

Old Food ilume
Stage 1 75% 25%
Stage 2 50% 50%
Stage 3 25% 75%
Stage 4 100%