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Meet Nina and Maggie, the girls behind St Argo

Meet Nina and Maggie, the girls behind St Argo

Interviewed by Laura Stupple, Content Writer at ilume

ilume Love Stories are all about showcasing your love for your pup. Every dog is different, and each one has their own unique story.

This week, the Spotlight is on ST ARGO founder, Maggie, and her Cavapoo, Nina. After our recent collaboration, we wanted to catch up with the ST ARGO family and hear all about their puppy love.

Tell us about your pup!

I have a Cavapoo called Nina.

I’ve always had dogs and she came into my life at the perfect time. I had just moved from Queensland to Melbourne and was feeling a bit alone in the city so I ended up convincing my boyfriend that we should get a dog.

We’ve now had her for 4 years and she’s literally my baby.

You’ve built a brand that helps dog parents showcase their pup’s personality, but what is Nina’s personality like?

She’s super clingy and would never leave our side. She’s such a sweetheart.

Any special mentions about her breed?

What I love about the breed is that it’s such a mixed bag.

Sometimes when dogs are bred with Poodles the outcome can really vary, so you never know how big they will grow or what they’ll be like.

Nina was the runt of the litter and has only grown to about 5kgs which is perfect for us. The breed are usually really outgoing, but Nina is super chilled and a bit shy.

What ST ARGO kit does Nina wear?

Lilac at the moment with a soft blue lead, but she’s worn all kinds of colours!

What 3 words describe the feeling of having a dog, for you?

Affection, entertainment and responsibility.

If Nina had a voice, what would hers be like?

My partner actually does a voice for her! She has an Irish accent. 

What does 1Nina love?

She is obsessed with food, and it’s actually not good for her.

She always tries to eat off the ground, literally anything she can get her paws on. We used to give her loads of treats to counteract the hunger/ food obsession but now we cook for her and try to keep it super clean.

Her diet is made up of oats, beef mince, coconut oil, egg and whatever vegetables we have.

Let’s talk business. What made you start ST ARGO?

My partner’s mum just bought a puppy and was looking for a nice carrier for her dog and she couldn’t find anything that was cute.

We hardly had any savings, but we really believed that vegan and cruelty-free dog wear was a great idea so we just went for it. We didn’t even tell anyone that we were doing it, but then it really spiralled. And now here we are!

Our dogs love their fashion, do you think the ST ARGO colours help them express themselves?

Yeah I think so. You want to spoil your loved ones, and our colours allow you to dress your dog for the season, or match them with you. It’s a great way to bond and show off their personality.

What’s your favourite thing about having a dog brand?

Working with my dog every day! It’s great to work with my dog by my side and look at cute pictures and videos of dogs all day too. I love working in this industry - it’s amazing!