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April 2023

Is your Pup Fussy, or just a Foodie?
Find Out with ilume

AFeeding our furry friends is an exercise in care and appreciation for all the love they share and all the pillows they’ve torn to shreds in the living room over the years. So, of course, getting things right is a top priority.

But whipping up a balanced, nutritious meal for your pup that they’ll love can be a challenge unless you’ve got a chocolate lab, who would probably eat a brick or a bowl of rump steak with similar aplomb.

For everyone else, however, we’ve got some tips to tingle testy tastebuds and fill fussy stomachs with oodles of essential vitamins and nutrients. So, you owners of choosy chowers and budding fido foodies, read on!

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Did I do Something Wrong? Exploring Potential Reasons for Fussiness at the Food Bow

Put on your turtleneck and sportscoat, we’re diving deep into some doggy psychology here. And the first question, of course, is where did all this begin?

When looking at why your pupper isn’t a champion eater, the first thing to figure out is whether this is a new problem, or something they’ve always done.

This fork in the road is important: if it’s a recent problem, we think it’s best to consult your veterinarian and rule out any potential health issues. Otherwise, fussiness may just be a part of who your fur baby is.

Here's a few common reasons why your pupper may be a bit picky:

● Dietary sensitivity or allergy.
● Anxiety that causes loss of appetite.
● Not being food-driven and preferring to eat only when they feel like it.
● Overfeeding or excessive treats.
● Poor-quality food.
● Holding out for human food instead.
● Personal preference for certain tastes, textures, or smells.

Nutritionaly balanced dog food that tastes so good even the fussies eater loves it

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Finding the Right Food Mix

Picture your human foodie friend (we’re sure everyone has one). Now picture your pupper. Now human foodie friend. Pupper. Human foodie friend, pupper. Foodie pupper? Hmmmmm, that could be a thing.

We like to think of our fussy customers as the most discerning palates on the dog food scene. When it comes to food, these furry critics take in the whole picture – for them, taste, texture, plating, and ingredient sourcing are all essential elements for a fine meal. And whilst they can’t communicate these things to us, all of us at ilume think we’ve got these things down to a fine art.

Here's just a few ways we’ve designed our meals for maximum palatability and enjoyment come mealtime: ·

  • The golden ratio of protein, fat, and carbs to engage the senses, tastebuds and stomach alike.
  • Freshly cooked meals in sous vide style (Magnifique, eh?). This locks in moisture and increases palatability.
  • Single protein meals that allow you to avoid ingredients your dog may be sensitive to.
  • 5 different recipes for maximum variety.

Customisation is the name of the game when catering to the selective palate, and at ilume we’ve got meals designed for the whole spectrum of dog sizes and life stages. And what’s more, they’re all packaged in a convenient meatloaf. Preparation couldn’t be simpler

ilume Dog Food is made from human grade ingredients, just like you'd make at home

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Tips for Parents of Fussy, Furry Foodies with ilume Fresh Dog Food

We’ve dealt with some of the pickiest eaters out there, and in our experience, these are some of the things that work well in dogs on the ilume doggie diet and on other types of dog food

  • Warm Meals:  Cold food and wafts of enticing aroma don’t mix. Have a go at warming your pup’s meals to just above room temperature and watch them float over to the dinner bowl like a Disney character catching the smell of a freshly baked pie.
  • Add our Bone Broth Topper: This is the equivalent of saucing up a meal. A complete game changer for many fussy eaters.
  • Introduce New Food Slowly: Take it slow, Joe. Some dogs take up to 10 days to adapt to new food, so begin with small portions and increase over time.
  • Structure Mealtimes: Give your fur baby a time window – we recommend 15-20 minutes – where they can eat as much or as little as they want. Anything they don’t eat, discard. Minimising food waste is important, so it’s best to serve small portions throughout and add more when your dog has finished them.
  • Don’t Serve Food from your Plate: We know how hard it is to ignore your begging pup – they’ve got this stuff down to a fine art. But feeding them food from your plate may lead to your dog developing a preference and refusing their meals altogether.
  • Treats are for Training only: This way, your dog won’t be full at mealtime, nor will they be holding out for their favourite snack.
  • Avoid Changing their Food too often: Consistency is key, as frequent food changes may cause tummy upsets and further avoidance.
  • We know a fussy pupper can be challenging at times, but armed with the right information and ilume dog food, mealtimes can become much more than a waiting game. And of course, make sure to check with your vet if there is any concern over adequate nutrition. With patience and consistency, you can help them develop healthier eating habits and enjoy every mealtime with ilume.

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Article credit: Written by the ilume Dog Food Nutrition and Science Team.